Doreen's Black Pudding

By Haigh's

This multi-award winning black pudding from Yorkshire is thick and meaty and perfect for our battered black pudding fritters special.

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Masham Sausages & Burgers

We don't just sell battered sausages, we sell award winning battered sausages, fresh from North Yorkshire!

Masham award winning sausages and burgers are succulent, tasty and the best, so it's only right that an award winning chippy such as us would serve them!

Hope & Wood

A vital ingredient in the quality of any fish and chip shop, and your enjoyment, is the humble potato!

Which is why, as Thirsk's best chippy, we have chosen to use Hope & Wood from Yorkshire.

Their potatoes are top notch and make the chips you've grown to love and expect from us here at Land and Sea.

Henry Colbeck

Henry Colbeck are our trusted supplier of everything from our fish and finest Irish dripping to our meaty pies, drinks and our biodegradable packaging and bio boxes!

Established since 1893, these guys definitely know quality products and provide great service.


Ceres are our supplier of choice for our tasty, sweet regular and gluten free curry sauces.

Ceres have partnered with TV chef Phil Vickery to produce the tastiest gluten free products to ensure satisfaction.